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How to make a Application for LSPD (new stuff added)

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How to make a Application for LSPD (new stuff added)

Post  Nick on Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:24 pm

LSPD Application
In Character Information:

First Name:

Last Name:



Phone Number:

Place of Birth/Origin:

Current Address:

Years lived in San Andreas:

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Have you ever served time in prison?

Can you communicate effectively in the English language?

Do you have a Drivers License and a Weapons License?

Have you ever been in a gang or criminal organization?

Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge?

Do you know your way around San Andreas well?

Why do you wish to join the Los Santos Police Department? (atleast 100 words)

Out of Character Information:



Country of origin:


How long have you been playing on this server?

Do you have any other accounts?

Past Character Names + Levels

Have you been warned/banned? If so, how many times were you warned/banned and what were they for?

How many hours a day do you play?

Do you have a working microphone?

Are you prepared to use TeamSpeak?

Your past roleplay experience/history:

Do you have any previous roleplay experience as a cop?

Have you read the information regarding the minimum requirements?

Your character's stats (screenshot):

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