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Situation Codes

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Situation Codes

Post  Mario on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:00 pm


10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Messaged Received (NOT "Yes" or "Affirmative")
10-6 Busy but available (Used for when you're doing something but can still respond to emergencies)
10-7 Out of Service, not available (Used for when you cannot respond to emergencies)
10-8 In Service//On Duty
10-9 Repeat Last Transmission
10-10 Off Duty
10-15 Male in Custody
10-15f Female in Custody
10-19 At the Station /OR/ Returning to Station
10-20 Location
10-22 Cancel / Disregard
10-23 Stand-By
10-26 Traffic Stop
10-26a High Risk Traffic Stop
10-27 License Status Check
10-29 Check Crimes/Warrants
10-39 Status Check
10-62 Attempting a P.I.T.
10-66 Suspicious Person
10-76 En route
10-80 Pursuit in Progress
10-85 Area Check (Not a call type. Used for when you're 10-97, but looking around instead of arriving)
10-97 At Scene
10-98 Finished with Last Detail, all units available
10-99 Suspect Present
10-100 Civil disturbance - Mutual aid standby.
10-101 Civil disturbance - Mutual aid request. 

11-44 Coroner's Case ("11-44: Dead on the Floor")
11-80 Accident - Major Injury
11-81 Accident - Minor Injury
11-82 Accident - Property Damage Only (PDO)
11-83 Accident - No Details
11-98 Meet at location
11-99 Officer Needs Help (You need EVERYONE, Immediately.)

Status Codes:

Code 0: Game Crashed
Code 1: Routine Response (If your doing something, deal with it first. No lights and siren authorized.)
Code 2: Urgent Response (If your doing something, drop it and respond. Lights and siren authorized when necessary.)
Code 3: Emergency Response (All units drop what your doing and respond.)
Code 4: No Further Assistance / I'm Okay
Code 7: Mealtime / Lunch Break
Code 10: Bomb Threat
Code 33: Radio Silence, unless relevant to the current situation at hand.

Transmitting in the main police channel ( /r & /d ) about serious situations (like 207) is strictly forbidden, until a senior leader announces 10-33.

1. Tell your unit number ("This is unit 5,")
2. Describe the crime-situation by using the ten or hundred codes ("there is a 480")
3. State your location ("at Long Beach,")
4. Define the type of the situation ("code 3,")
5. Close the report ("over.")

"This is unit 5, there is a 480 at Long Beach, code 3, over."

Please note:
- The text-based police radio adds your unit number and "over" automatically to the message.

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