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Using the report function correctly

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Using the report function correctly Empty Using the report function correctly

Post  Justin on Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:31 pm

What the report function ISN'T used for:

Requesting help in relation to how game dynamics work, such as 'How do I get a job?' or 'What is car-ramming and why was I prisoned for it?'.
Asking for a service which an admin is not obliged to provide and which is not of significant priority that the report function is designated for. An example is the famous, 'Gold rims, please!'
Making a personal call to an admin friend. If you have a friend who is an admin, do NOT report for him. Instead, you should try contacting him via the forums or Teamspeak if necessary.
Asking for forum related matters. This includes, 'Can an admin please resolve my complaint?' or 'I've been waiting for days, why am I still forum banned?'. This also includes things such as bugs, which should be posted on the 'Bug reports' section of the forum.
Asking for a shop order via /report. We now have /shoporder to get your product delivered much faster.

[b]What the report function IS used for:

Reporting a rulebreaker. This is the original and most important use of /report. If you see someone breaking a server rule, this is a good time to report. Always remember that taking Screenshots is much safer on your behalf if you know somebody is violating the rules. If you are unsure, you can recap on your server offences HERE.
Reporting a hacker. If you see somebody hacking, be sure to report them immediately. Hacking is a SERIOUS and highly regarded offence that will result in a permanant ban, so by reporting, you will be providing a contribution to the server.
If you need a virtual world reset. Unfortunately, we all occasionally get our virtual worlds bugged. The best way to fix this is by reporting for an admin to quickly fix you up.
If you or a vehicle is stuck - This issue often gets the better of us. Unfortunately, without admin commands, it is difficult for an ordinary person to fix, therefor this is a perfectly fine context to report.


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